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What does the public think?

The last Cambridge Futures Seminar took place on

September 14 2004, 2.30 p.m.


Churchill College
Senior Fellows Dining Room and Cockcroft Room
Cambridge, CB3 0DS

The seminar presented results of the public consultation into the Cambridge Futures 2 Findings.

Speakers are:

  • Professor Marcial Echenique &
    Dr Tony Hargreaves,
    Cambridge Futures
    Overall findings of the Cambridge Futures 2 Study

  • Dr Steve Platt, Cambridge Architectural Research
    Results of the Public Consultation

  • Professor George Hazel, former President of the Institute of Highways and Transportation
    Appraisal of the study

  • Brian Smith, Director of Environment & Transport,
    Cambridgeshire County Council

The presentations were followed by a panel discussion and drinks.


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