Links to related websites


In the Cambridge Futures website are links to other websites. On this page we bring them all together, and add some other useful ones for good measure. As time goes on, this list will grow.

Sometimes links go out of date as web pages get moved - please do let us know if you spot any "missing links" before we do.

Local Planning information

Cambridgeshire Structure Plan - Outlining the principles guiding development in the County until 2016.

Cambridgeshire Local Transport Plan - the "vision and strategy for integrated transport in Cambridgeshire for the next five years", running through to 2011.

CHUMMS - sounds friendly: it's the Cambridge to Huntingdon Multi-Modal Study which suggest new transport measures along the A14

Alternative options

Sustrans - The sustainable transport organisation.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign - Newsy and informative site promoting cycling in and around Cambridge

Lille Metro - an example of introducing a rapid transit system

Home Zones - balancing the needs of all road users and making life safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Travel Plans to reduce car dependency

Cambridgeshire Travel for Work - Helping organisations to develop Travel Plans and more environmentally friendly transport practices

DTLR on Travel Plans - Publications (available online) from the Department for Transport, Local government and the Regions on how to develop more sustainable transport practices

EEBPP on Travel Plans - Guidance from the Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme on Travel Plans and more energy-efficient transport



About the Links

We hope to build up on this page a useful set of relevant links for people with an interest in the future development of Cambridge.

The sites listed will primarily focus on sites providing information about planning in the Cambridge area, and sites related to the transport and planning options being considered.

If you would like to suggest a link, email Andy Lake.