Transport Seminar

Introducing the issues 

What are the options for dealing with the transport congestion of the Cambridge area and what are the best ways of coping with the extra transport demand from future growth?

These questions were at the heart of the first seminar of Cambridge Futures 2, held at Madingley Hall in November 2001.

Presentations were given by speakers at the centre of dealing with the practical issues. They outlined the the range of possible ways forward, and the processes involved in planning new developments.

The presentations were as follows:

  • Current Transport Policies for the Cambridge Sub-Region
    Brian Smith, Director of Environment and Transport at Cambridgeshire County Council

  • Cambridge to Huntingdon Multi-Modal Study
    Bill Wyley, Mouchel

  • Cambridge Area Metro
    Colin Brader, CRTS, Northampton & Mike May, SDG

  • Cycling in and around Cambridge
    David Earl, Cambridge Cycling Campaign

  • Other Policies: Demand Management & Highway Investment
    M Echenique, Director of Cambridge Futures

Over 80 delegates attended, drawn from business, academia, local authorities and the public. The presentations provoked lively discussion with many questions and expressing a range of viewpoints.

There was a general consensus on the need to improve highways, public transport and cycleways. The most controversial aspects of demand management by charging drivers to enter Cambridge was generally accepted, but the difficulty of gaining public acceptance was noted.

Cambridge Futures will test these options and report the results for public discussion.


View the presentations

Brian Smith
(58kb PowerPoint presentation)

Bill Wyley
(1.4mb PowerPoint)

Colin Brader
(654kb PowerPoint)

Mike May
(1.3mb PowerPoint)

David Earl
(2.2mb PowerPoint)

Marcial Echenique
(1.8kb PowerPoint)