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Plans for video/interactive CD-Rom or DVD - and how you can support it

The results of the "What Transport for Cambridge" study will be launched at the Senate house of Cambridge University in September.  The public exhibition will then move to other venues in the Cambridge area. The results of the study will play an important part in developing the infrastructure investment strategy for the Cambridge sub-region.

The success of the first Cambridge futures project was heightened by the video that was produced.  It caught the public imagination and gained critical acclaim, and has continued to be used on television.

Cambridge Futures have explored the concept of a similar production for the current project on transport.  A video is an efficient and professional means of communicating complex ideas in a succinct manner. It will explain the results and give details by being incorporated in an interactive CD-Rom/DVD.  The Committee has selected by tender a ground-breaking digital-video company to undertake the work but needs to raise over 20k.

The University has promised to contribute some resources and there have been early promises of financial support from other organisations.  However, a lot more money needs to be raised.

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