Sponsorship of Cambridge Futures

How to become a supporter


Types of supporter

There are several ways in which organisations and individuals support Cambridge Futures through donations, in cash or in kind:

  • Founding sponsors have given more than 5,000 to Phase 2 of the study.

  • Main sponsors have given between 2,000 and 5,000 to Phase 2 of the study.

  • Other donors give less than 2,000.

In addition, there are two kinds of subscription to the project:

  • Corporate subscribers pay 275 per year

  • Individual subscribers pay 15 per year.


Corporate sponsors and subscribers can send up to 10 people to seminars. Individual sponsors and subscribers can attend seminars as individuals.  Otherwise entry to seminars costs 50.

Sponsors and subscribers are kept up to date with all the latest news and developments through the newsletters and invitation to special events.

How to become a Sponsor or Subscriber

To become a sponsor of the project, please contact us to discuss your offer and how best to support the project.

To become a subscriber, either contact The Cambridge Futures Administrator or download a subscription form and send it to us (see the box on the right).

Many thanks for your interest, and we hope that you will become involved in this innovative and exciting project.

Download a Subscription Form

Cambridge Futures is not (yet) in a position to process payments online.

You can download a Subscription Form in MS Word format from here to print out, fill in and send back to us.

Download form